A LOVE STORY, (1 film & 1 sculpture & 9 photographs), 2015
Music composed by Alexandre Bazin
Videoart (18.32min.), color
1 Unique Giant Heart Sculpture: mixed media (glass, iron, aluminum, patina, bomb)
Photographs (Fine Art Print Barryté)

“A Love Story”
A story is always a journey. Through an artistic visual experience, Annina Roescheisen proposes us once again to follow along the route of her questioning.
She reveals to us a little bit more of her perspective on the ‘individuals’ that we are, on our emotions.
“A Love Story”: a quest.

Annina Roescheisen - A Love Story - sculpture_2015

Hidden by the thick fog of mind mazes, characters of all ages appear rooted in an abyss, as if lost and lifeless in a mineral landscape where the light is diffuse and the colours neutral. They sleep… between dream and reality? Like an angel bringing colour into a life tinged with grey, a little girl dressed all in red awakens and enlivens these tormented spirits. From this moment, they begin a long quest: the characters wander around looking almost haggard, with no apparent route or specific way to go. They each begin their journey. Alone. The only common point of their quest is its verticality, because this is indeed a climb, …a seemingly endless ascent.

The individuals eventually cross paths. Fleeting but intense moments. They do not speak but communicate through looks, gestures and postures. The emotion of these exchanges is palpable.
Gazes: …a father and his son? A couple? …two brothers or two friends, …lovers? …two women, a mother and daughter, or all just strangers?
They intersect, but their paths soon separate. Though the quest may be common, universal, the journey remains a personal one. Only the repeated appearances of the little girl appear to be the common thread that guides them, – guides all of us, upwards.

Ever higher, …towards more light, …towards this huge, bright red heart that beats: the beat of the Earth, the beat of the characters; …and ours too. The walk to the summit ends, for each of the characters, around this heart, …like a Totem. The little girl, happy to have brought them together, then slips behind it. This child, a symbol of purity, could thus be the heart personified, representing Life, Love.

This walk to the summit where, finally, all the characters gather around the heart/Totem, perhaps evokes another trip; an inner journey where we have to find or regain our inner light, our harmony, through love; a love of ourselves, a love of others, in tune with the rhythm of Mother Earth’s heartbeat.

“A Love Story” is a transcript of a universal quest in search of a form of harmony, to which love must be the key.

With this artistic piece of videoart, Annina Roescheisen continues to paint the world of our emotions. Her palette is further refined and enriched, but her signature is very much in evidence.

Dyptique 2 format different - gauche 169x113cm - droite 169x113cm

A Love story - videoart and photography by annina Roescheisen 2015..


1 Format grand - 129x86cm


selection tof annina Love HD-6131

_A love Story - Annina Roescheisen 2015 Videoart and Photography



1 Format - 169x113cm

A Love story - videoart and photography by annina Roescheisen 2015__

A Love story - videoart and photography by annina Roescheisen 2015.

A Love story - - videoart and photography by annina Roescheisen 2015