Between Heaven & Earth

Installative sculpture, 2015, mixed media (wood, neon, embroidery, graved)
(H 201cm x W 40cm x D 60cm)

Between Heaven & Earth

Through her sculpture, “Between Heaven and Earth”, Annina Roescheisen questions the religious message and life path chosen by the faithful who wish to enter heaven after death by cultivating the love of one God with no real free will, often in fear. A misstep, a confession, a punishment and all will be forgiven? Choosing punishment and confinement at the expense of light and independence of mind for a semblance of security. What to choose? Where have the little everyday earthly pleasures gone? Why so many taboos and boundaries? Let’s draw our eyes away from the writings and divine rewards; let’s put the calculators to one side and experience Heaven on Earth, right here, right now. Every good action must be spontaneous and in harmony with our heart to be rewarded at its fair value. Yes, we can kneel, but at what price?
Here, the artist denounces the shortfall of choosing the religious camp, rather than freely sharing common values with emphasis on the sacred bonds of the earth, the sky, and the present moment. The artist believes in a universal religion in which the heart has absolute power over our life path. She “prays” to the sky in the direction of the light, each day enhancing the rays of her spirit and continually listening to her heart. In doing so, she strives to move closer to those around her, as well as to the great beyond, with no intermediaries. The more she approaches the unknown, the more love rises within her and the more the dark night becomes the seat of a special light. Real life is often the one we don’t really live. This sculpture perfectly symbolises this statement with a touch of irony. The power of the neon “Is this heaven?” is a way of awakening the consciousness of onlookers, whether or not they are believers, blinded by the diktats of society in their broadest sense. The blue fabric embroidered in golden thread suggests that we must let the sun enter our hearts to protect our soul and welcome all the things that make each and every one of us who we are, with gratitude, lightness and respect. Understanding and accepting the laws of nature is essential if we are to reach inner peace and open up another mental field, i.e. the connections between earth and sky, the stars, the universe and our bodies. By kneeling on Annina Roescheisen’s prié-dieu, everyone, young and old, can see the light, provided we are willing to give up our egos and become aware of the richness of our environment, starting with a prayer to the sky…

If we practise love and gratitude on this earth in communion with others, looking to the sky that feeds us with light, what will happen to us? Look back and laugh and we will access the absolute truth, sooner or later. Let us make peace with our past and walk the path of detachment…

(Text by Alexandra S. Jupillat)

Between Heaven & Earth - installative sculpture - Annina Roescheisen - mixed media - 2015_RETOUCHED-

Between Heaven & Earth - installative sculpture - Annina Roescheisen - mixed media - 2015_RETOUCHED_

Between Heaven & Earth - installative sculpture - Annina Roescheisen - mixed media - 2015_RETOUCHED