Spinning Tops

…”HUMANITY”, “HUMAIN”, “You and Me”, “ENDLESS”… attached, engraved, repeated in perpetual motion … a note, a song, a background sound, the word takes shape… Memory, an actual striking tonality, recurrence of a connection, choices have to be made! Symbolised by a series of spinning tops, as much a part of play as they have been for over 4,000 years…. they are reduced to their simplest form: a cone. The gesture is fragile, the object is switched on and off on a whim, a random action, not ordered… Ambiguous duplication, the primitive materials used (wood, iron, glass) establish the intangible; this sensitive relationship between the spoken and the suggested in a life cycle…
(Text by Marine Varoquier)

Love Spinning Top – Endless Heaven, 2013
Sculpture/ Installation, wood, burnt wood, graved, blown glass

Love Spinning Top – Fragile Infinity, 2013
Sculpture/ Installation, wood, iron, blown glass

Love Spinning Top – You & Me – Humanity, 2013
Sculpture, wood, graved wood, iron, neon

Endless heaven_spinnting top_sculpture by Annina Roescheisen 2013

Spinning top sculpture by annina roescheisen

infinity_sculpture 2013_ by Annina Roescheisen

sculpture_you and me humaniyt_ by Annina Roescheisen_2013