1 Video; 4.48min. (color)

3 Photographs, Fine Art Prints, Pearl


1 video (4.48min.color): Video Verticordia

3 photographs, Fine Art Prints


“VERTICORDIA” is a video piece dedicated to the Colombian village of PUERTO PALMA in a bid to shine a light on a community that is besieged by violence and war. Situated on the Ecuadorian border, the region continues to be subjected to the conflict between the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) dissidents, the Colombian Armed Forces and a range of paramilitary groups despite the 2016 FARC-government peace treaty.

Working in partnership with cultural laboratory Cartas del Mar al Galeras , VERTICORDIA is a contribution to peace and hope that uses audio recordings captured by the inhabitants of Puerto Palma to create a collaborative piece that aims to raise awareness and build cultural bridges.

VERTICORDIA plays with the ancient metaphor of the bow and arrow that since the antiquities has represented communication between the earthly and the divine. The arrow served as the direct messenger for humans to enter into dialogue with the divine.  In our culture bows and arrows are mostly associated with the sport of archery and hunting but historically they were used in combat as weapons of war.

Roescheisen positions the analogy of our contemporary associations with archery and its ancient symbolisms at the centre of the film. The spiritual message expressed through a strong and surreal color palette refers to the divine, the supernatural and the Gods and a body that constantly shifts between its human form and an almost ghostly appearance epitomizes both the divine and our higher selves.

This piece was filmed at the monastery of Pyrgos at the highest point of Greece’s island of Ios (the village people claim it to have a special divine energy). The artist aims to create an atmosphere that alters between reality and the divine realm, and that chooses in her eyes a universal metaphor that can be understood across all cultures so as to underline and send a message of peace for the people of Puerto Palma and all those affected by conflict around the world.

The sound of VERTICORDIA is entirely delivered by the inhabitants of Puerto Palma and, recorded by children; it includes sounds of nature, ancestral chants and prayers dedicated to loved ones taken away by war.




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