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#WhatBringsPeace is an all inclusive, worldwide installative video art project, composed of a traveling sculpture and of over hundred of verbal and non verbal interviews that together will compose a large scale art piece.

This project explores the pan-human quest for peace on individual and collective terms in response to increasing violence, environmental threats, and political extremism experienced globally today, making its mission timelier than ever. Beginning its journey in Europe in early 2017, #WhatBringsPeace will travel worldwide.

With the participation of interviewees, followers, and supporters, the project will create an inclusive growing ‘community.’

#WhatBringsPeace will reach diverse demographics, cultures, and psychographic backgrounds, and unite us all through the pan-human quest for peace. While traveling from continent to continent, artist Annina Roescheisen will conduct in-depth documentations on the uniqueness and specifics of different cultures and ethnicities as part of the #WhatBringsPeace vision. From these encounters, the artist will explore the individual and collective meanings of ‘peace.’ At the very core of the artist’s mission, the project invites participants to express, reflect, engage, and unite to seek and advocate change.


#WhatBringsPeace is an ethnographic art project culminating in an interdisciplinary analysis of the universal quest for peace. The project consists of two elements: (1) a sculpture (Edition of 5 + 1 AP ) and (2) a videoart project. These two elements invite and encourage the public to contribute personal thoughts and ideas, and seek to showcase both the commonalities and differences in the interpretation of the meaning of ‘peace’. Every person engaging with the question #WhatBringsPeace becomes part of the artwork and its quest for peace.

Social Media is used by the artist as a multiplier and tool to make this project on the one hand all inclusive, as everybody can contribute via the hashtag #WhatBringsPeace, and wide-reaching, as it crosses physical boundaries and forms a global community For the documentary, the artist will travel the world to film and record interviews on the topic of peace. Interviewees are encouraged to convey their thoughts and ideas about peace through multiple ways of self-expression: verbally, through dance, music, theater, etc. Each interview will ultimately become a unique piece of video art shedding light on the personality and voice of each participant.



1. Sculpture (Edition of 5 + 1AP)

The sculpture is a large-scale street sign depicting an image of the earth with a convex mirror at its center, social media icons at the bottom, and the #WhatBringsPeace hashtag written at the top. The mirror, reflecting both the viewer and their particular surrounding, fosters the idea of the self in relation to others. The sculpture encourages participants to ask themselves the question ‘What Brings Peace?’ both as an individual and on a global scale.

The social media icons at the bottom of the sculpture invite viewers to share their messages through social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo). These posts will constantly be re-posted and credited on the #WhatBringsPeace social media platform, capturing the differences and similarities between cultures and environments.

The sculpture will travel globally, symbolizing the artist’s belief in the inclusive nature of world citizenship.








The artist will conceive a piece of video art through a worldwide travel. This artwork will be composed of over 100 interviews from well-known and unknown interviewees through verbal as well as non verbal participations (music, writings, poetry, etc.). Each interview will act as an individual piece of video art, and will then be edited into a global artwork gathering ideas and thoughts on the panhuman quest of peace.

Thereafter, a documentary is also envisioned, showing the conception, creation, behind the scenes and the artistic process of this universal project.


All content of #WhatBringsPeace will be constantly crowd sourced, shared and reposted via the social media platforms. The extensive use of social media will be integrated by the artist as a tool to amplify the reach of the message and a sense of connectivity on a global scale by removing the boundaries of time, language, and location. the social media aspect will enable all followers and participants the chance to virtually engage in the artist’s yearlong travel on a daily basis.



Q 1: #WBP

• January 2017: Crowdfunding campaign via Born.com: #WBP Campaign click here: Born.

• January 17-20, 2017: WEF, World Economy Forum in collaboration with the United Nations Foundations: Artist Panel about #WBP, Davos (Switzerland)

• February 17, 2017: Inaugural launch: presentation of #WhatBringsPeace sculpture in Crans Montana, on top of the mountain ‘La Cabane des Violettes’ (Switzerland) in

collaboration with the Vision Art Festival and Frank Pages Gallery (Geneva)

Q 2: #WBP

• May 4-7, 2017: #WBP project panel at the Global Table Event of the BWM Foundation held in Bogotá (Columbia)

• July 12-14, 2017: Artist Panel, Toa Tech Summit, Berlin (GER)

Q 3 and Q 4: #WBP

• August 18-26, 2017: Sculpture presentation in the Vision Art Festival, Crans Montana, (Switzerland)

• September 21, 2017: World Peace Day – Event/Exhibition in collaboration with Peace Unify Organization, (USA)

• October 4-7, 2017: Sculpture presentation & Artist Panel at Summit of Peace by One Young World Organization, Bogota (Colombia)

2018: #WBP

*further dates will follow.

SHORT SELECTION of confirmed interviewees (verbal / non verbal)

  • Jean Claude Carrière, Award honoured Novelist, writer, actor and speaker, Paris, (France)
  • Femi Kuti, Musician, (Africa)
  • Suzy Kassem, Writer, Film Producer, (Egypt)
  • Lapo Elkan,  entrepreneur, Milano  (Italy)
  • AIR, Music Group (Jean benoit Dunckel), Paris, (France)
  • Jean Claude Biver, CEO Hublot, LVMH, (Suisse)
  • The Shoes; musicians, Paris,  (France)
  • Abeer Abu Ghaith, Founder, CEO at MENA Alliances, (Palestine)
  • Tenzin Choegyal, Tibetan Musician & Music Director, Tibet, (India)
  • Youri Djorkaeff, former International football player, NY, (USA)
  • Father Pfleger, Peace activist, Chicago (USA)
  • Magnus Resch, Author, NY,  (Germany/USA)
  • Jean Sebastien Stehli, Chief Editor, Madame Figaro, Paris (France)
  • Gillian Rhodes, Ballett Dancer, Seoul Ballett, (Korea)
  • Choidoin, Yakuza (worked with Michael Jackson, Gaddafi, Castro, Arafat), (Japan)
  • Jupiter Okwess, Musician, Congo, (Africa)

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