What are You Fishing for?, (1 film & 5 photographies), 2014
Music by the Shoes (Benjamin Lebeau)
Videoart (8.31min), color & Fine Art Print
One installative wooden TV sculpture – Unique Piece

Shared melancholy, orchestrated coldness, truth without a mask, Annina Roescheisen plunges us into the heart of the union between a man and a woman. In a cinematic narrative, the mental landscape which is the synthesis of the artist’s physical and symbolic inner sanctum projects a combination of two aesthetics.

Unspoken emotion reflected in assumed slowness, buried sentiment and cold-hearted iciness are almost death-like in stillness. Yet nature awakens the subject, slowly melting the ice…a salutary sense of peace, duality without hindrance. The purity of the youthful subject is depicted, white personified becoming one with the water, linked to the inner purpose of heavy earth, without gravity, awaiting a silent reverie… throughout the course…

Floating, existing below the surface, the shroud changes. The fabric is heavy and black, there is warmth in the face, some snippets of roses, aquatic life recalls her… Continuous rebirth…

The beginnings of an imperceptible, tangible link that has been achieved, solidified sculpture becomes malleable, it unleashes a story, instigates rebirth, reconnects consciences… Biographical anonymity, fleeting glances; while the image is silent, the bodies are shouting hope…
Freedom regained…

What are you fishing for - videoart Annina Roescheisen 2014

What are you fishing for 2014 by Annina Roescheisen videoart

what are you Fishing for 2014 Annina roescheisen videoart -

What are you Fishing for_ art film_ annina roescheisen_ 2014