Annina Roescheisen (b. 1982, Rosenheim, Germany) is a painter based in Lisbon and New York. While she primarily focused on painting and drawing, Roescheisen expands to encompass a versatile range of additional mediums in her practice such as sculpture, installation, video, photography, and performance art.


Roescheisen explores metaphysical themes that blur the boundaries between dream and reality, visible and invisible, audible and inaudible. She investigates the transcendent and the emotional impact of color and frequencies on our physical and spiritual beings.


Drawing inspiration from medieval iconography, bestiaries, philosophy, and post-war transcendentalism, Roescheisen merges her cultural heritage with contemporary art. Her work serves as a manifestation of humanity‘s enduring fascination with the supernatural. Through symbolic usage and a profound exploration of color, she establishes a profound connection that unifies her diverse body of artwork.


The artist’s body plays a significant role in her work, serving as both object and subject. Roescheisen‘s earlier works incorporate autobiographical elements, reflecting her profound exploration of the human experience drawing inspiration from iconography, poetry, literature, and their manifestations in medieval art, German Romanticism, Gothic architecture, myths, and fairy tales. Roescheisen‘s recent works shift focus towards new forms and spiritual presence, conveying emotional and sensorial authenticity, as she delves deeper into her aesthetics and embodiment of color. Utilizing alchemical mixtures of pigments and minerals, Roescheisen intuitively shapes and structures elements on canvas, infusing her work with theosophical thought. This intimate connection between the artist‘s body and her creative process adds a layer of depth and authenticity to her recent works, which shift focus towards new forms and spiritual presence.


Within her series, such as „Vibrational Strings“ (2019-2021) and „Flying Dragons“ (2020-2022), Roescheisen cultivates a shared visual language that resonates and creates a bridge between her art and the viewers. Through her embodied approach and the interplay of color and form, she creates a space and metaphysical field for emotional and sensorial authenticity to emerge. These captivating series not only showcase her artistic versatility but also invite audiences to engage with the profound connections between the visible and the invisible, the tangible and the spiritual.

Roescheisen‘s current works on canvas include metaphysical, mathematical, and spiritual codes, leading to an increasingly abstract visual language that bridges the rational and the emotional.


Since 2023, Roescheisen has been engaged in a mixed reality project that combines reality, elements of her artistic practice, and AI. The project will be revealed in 2024.


Roescheisen‘s work has been exhibited in galleries across Europe and the United States. Notable solo exhibitions include „Black & Blue“ at Speerstra Gallery in Paris (2018) and „What are you fishing for?“ at MANA Contemporary Art Museum in New Jersey (2017). She has also participated in group exhibitions such as the 56th Venice Biennale (2015) and Salon Berlin at the Museum Frieder Burda in Berlin (2019).


Since 2012, Roescheisen has continuously performed in Systema Occam by contemporary artist Xavier Veilhan, with exhibitions at the Delacroix Museum and Hermes Foundation in Paris, among others.