INTERVIEW // NYC // SIMPL MAG // HRY Collection // JUNE 2019

Omer Soylemez: As a multimedia artist, for you what is the advantage/significance of using multiple mediums?

Annina Roescheisen: “I always enjoyed ambitious projects, pushing my boundaries and challenging myself in my personal as well as artistic life in order to learn and to be able experiment as much as I can. Artistically, I don’t want to produce repetitive works and limit myself to only using one medium. I desire to create new things and new experiences every time, even though at the same time it is important for me that my works have a consistency in thematic and aesthetic approaches. So far, my work has always been linked to colors and emotions. I engage with new mediums in order to experiment. I want to treat topics through multiple channels and mediums. By using different mediums, I feel that I can widen my artistic language in order to better express my thoughts. I seek a 360° vision instead of just looking at what’s in front of me. Furthermore, Art for me is life, it’s not a job – it’s an expression of my personal growth and progression of thoughts. Therefore, what resonates the most to me, is to share my reflections through different mediums and methods, not by simply having a linear approach.”