Born in 1982 in Rosenheim (GER)
Lives and works in New York & Paris.

Roescheisen is a multimedia artist including video, drawing, painting, photography, installation and sculpture. Roescheisen is a humanist and philanthropist. She approaches art as a tool to break down the barriers of elitist thinking and enhance connectivity. Her quest for social change becomes more and more important through her artistic career.

Her work was exhibited at the 56th Venice Biennale, at the GAA Foundation, (Palazzo Bembo & Mora), in the context of the European Pavilion, among well-known artist such as Daniel Buren and Yoko Ono.

She played in the performance piece “Systema Occam” of Xavier Veilhan for 3years (2013-2016) and performed at diverse Museums and stages around the world such as the MAMO, Le Corbusier in Marseille, the Delacroix Museum in Paris, the Hermès Foundation in Paris or the French Alliance Institute in New York.

Roescheisen’s creative practice underlines the thought of art as voice and encapsulates emotion. It underlines the artist’s belief of Art as an impact, free and important voice for social change. Art becomes a universal language that disrupts the silence and brings our innermost feelings to the surface. Current modes of language, based on word, fall short of our true experiences, thus Roescheisen uses art to promote expressive freedom. Literature, music, and poetry serve as inspiration in her practice, where the written word, can be mirrored through image.

Roescheisen’s multimedia works, are held together by underlying concepts such as iconography, religious image, Medieval art, German Romanticism, Gothic architecture and the fairytale. The fairytale becomes the symbol of the interplay between dream and reality. The medium of video art furthers the exploration of this relationship, where it is considered ‘painting in motion and emotion’. The videos are slow and deliberate, encouraging the viewer to exist outside time constraints, constrictions and pressures.

Throughout her career, Roescheisen has contributed to many philanthropic projects connected to human affairs including autism in children, female rights, homelessness, suicide and peace. She collaborated therefore with multiple institutions such as the United Nations Foundation and the Guggenheim in context of the WEF, World Economy Forum in Davos, or the BMW Foundation.


“Art, as a non verbal and free language, can raise awareness as well on social topics. Where the simple word seems often stuck in the brain, the artistic visual language is piercing on the emotional body and therefore opens up a total new lecture, liberty and thus responsible thinking.”